New Release from Brenda Hiatt – December 2015

StarstruckAudioPromoThe first book of Brenda Hiatt’s award-winning Starstruck series is now available in audio!
Who would have guessed that tiny, out-of-the-way Jewel, Indiana could hold secrets with the potential to change the course of human history? Certainly not nerdy nobody Marsha Truitt. Who, it turns out, isn’t such a nobody after all.

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New Release from Ednah Walters – December 2015 Pre-Order

Book 2 of the Eirik Series

Heroes Cover-SMALLEirik wants nothing more than to show Celestia—the Witch who pulled him out of the darkness—that his feelings for her are real, but his parents expect him to avenge a wrong done to his family. To make matters worse, Celestia is moving on and is already dating another guy. Then Eirik discovers she is the key to accomplishing his goals. Caught between love and duty, Eirik will do whatever it takes, including getting up close and personal with Celestia, to get his way.
Celestia is convinced she is drawn to Eirik because of the bond created by the dragon’s kiss, so she pushes him away. But when he comes to her for help, she is once again thrust into his world, where things are never what they seem.
From Earth to the realms of the gods, betrayal follows them and help comes from unexpected sources. But when the time comes for Eirik to choose, will he fulfill his duty or follow his heart? Everything rests on his shoulders as the wrong choice may lead to Celestia’s worst fear—the rise of the Harbinger of Death.

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New Release from Ednah Walters – December 2015 Pre-Order

Book 1 of the Eirik Series

Demons Cover_SMALLEirik Baldurson ~Son of Baldur, God of Light~ failed living as a Mortal. He lost the girl of his dreams and nearly got his friends killed. Now, he’s gone to the underworld to meet the mother he’s never known. Torn between his duty to her and the man he used to be, Eirik struggles to find himself, until a witch appears in his world. Feisty and stubborn, she is a reminder of everything good he left behind. Celestia Devereaux proudly attends a charter high school for “gifted” teenagers who embrace magic. Witches. However, she keeps a terrible secret ~a prediction that she would one day be responsible for catastrophic destruction and death. Though Celestia uses her clairvoyant abilities to help people, she worries that it is just a matter of time before she goes over to the dark side. Her world changes when she unexpectedly astral projects to a place she didn’t believe existed and meets a tortured man who needs her help.
Will helping him cause her fears to come true, or will he sacrifice everything to save her?…

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New Release from Allie Burton – December 15, 2015

Book 4 in the Soul Warriors Series

Cleo's Curse final

Needing to suck up to her parents, spoiled boarding school student Cleo Carruthers decides to make an effort and attend classes. Except the teachers can’t see her. The Knot of Uset has woven a web around her and she’s become truly invisible.
A slave to Queen Cleopatra in a previous life, Soul Warrior Antony refuses to serve anyone. But when a modern day goddess demands his help, he can’t say no. Saving the world must take precedence over his wishes. Until his wishes get tied up into a knot by Cleo.
Trapped in a strange world, together the two teens must secure the magic of the knot and become unbound from the relic’s powers. But they are being hunted by those who want them to disappear. Permanently.

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News from Terah Edun – December 2015

Logos-Hard2Terah Edun has signed a hardcover deal to bring her Courtlight series to Ingram and independent bookstores Fifty Percent Wholesale Discount For Hardcover Orders Direct From Ingram in SPRING 2016. More information can be found at Terah’s website.


New Release by Cidney Swanson – November 14 2015

SirenSpell3 All Giselle Chekhov cares about is securing the principal role in the ballet for which she was named, but her Russian grandmother warns that the ballet, featuring cruel siren-like maidens, will draw the vain creatures back to town. Every decade or so, sirens swarm to Foulweather, Oregon killing indiscriminately and then vanishing again. As Giselle’s dreams for the stage start unraveling, she begins to suspect just who the sirens are really after.

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New Audiobook Release by Cindey Swanson – November 30, 2015

unnamedSam and Will flee to France to meet Sir Walter – their best hope for stopping Helmann’s plan to establish a new Thousand-Year Reign. Now Sam will have to figure out how to hide from an enemy she can’t see.


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New release from Anthea Sharp – October 10, 2015

Marny, Book 3 of the Feyguard Series


Headed to the big city for a summer internship, Marny Fanalua is glad to leave her hometown and its creepy connection with the Realm of Faerie behind. Drastic heroics in Feyland are what her friends do—she’s just trying to figure out where she fits in the real world.  Livestream gaming star and entrepreneur Nyx Spenser isn’t sure why he’s able to create incredibly realistic simulations straight out of the game of Feyland, but he plans to share his crazy new talent by opening an all-ages hangout called Club Mysteria.
As the boundaries between the human world and the dangerous Realm of Faerie weaken, Marny and Nyx must forge an alliance to repair the damage he’s done—before it’s too late.

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New release from Allie Burton – August 12, 2015

Peace Piper, Book 3 in the Soul Warriors series

Peace Piper finalHer mother imprisoned by a murderous Egyptian cult. An ancient instrument with powers to ensnare her teenage soul forever. A handsome warrior who trusts her with his life and who she must betray. Piper Akins hates working with brainy Soul Warrior Math to find the ancient trumpet of peace. She was chosen for the search because Piper doesn’t slip into unconsciousness when the trumpet is played—a connection from an unknown, but powerful father. Math was chosen for the quest because of his brilliance, but he wants to prove to his warrior brothers that he’s strong and more than just a brain. When Piper tricks him, he realizes he’s failed at both. As they pursue their mission, Math helps Piper discover her hereditary magic and teaches her to use the powers. She finds her true self and is drawn to him as they create their own kind of magic. Until Piper is ordered to betray Math to save her dying mother.

Order your copy now!

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New Release from Cidney Swanson – September 9th, 2015

Rippler series available in Audiobook format

ripplerCidney Swanson’s bestselling RIPPLER series is coming out on audio! Bloggers and audio reviewers, contact Cidney for a free download code! 

RIPPLER, Book One is now available here:


New Release from Terah Edun- September 9th, 2015

terah edun

Terah Edun’s Courtlight series is now available through four new distributors with direct access to public and school libraries. Look for all 7 titles on OverDrive, Ingram, EBSCO, and 3M Cloud Library. More information can be found at


New release from Ednah Walters – June 9th, 2015

Book 3 in the Guardian Legacy Series

Forgotten Cover small (2)Guardian Legacy Series “Forgotten” takes the Guardian Legacy series in a new direction, as Lil wakes up on Mount Hermon Island after months of unconsciousness only to find that she has no memory of her life before waking up. As she learns about life there, and deals with her father and half-sister, she learns about the rules of society among the Hermonites and champions the cause of the minions, those who were unlucky enough to be born without powers. As she moves forward toward fulfilling her destiny as the one who will unite her people, she has to balance her responsibilities and her love for Bran.

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New release from Allie Burton – March 26, 2015

Book 2 in Soul Warriors Series

Tut's Trumpet final

When sixteen-year-old Aria York loses her parents, she thinks nothing worse can happen. But then her grandfather is kidnapped by a mysterious Egyptian sect and she is being hunted by two competing tribes. Both want King Tut’s trumpet of war and will lie and steal to obtain the legendary instrument.

When Aria plays the magical trumpet she forgets her grief. Instead, she feels triumph and greed and anger flow through her veins, and chaos erupts in San Francisco. She wants nothing more than to rescue her grandfather, but finds herself trusting a tortured warrior who insists she hand over the trumpet or risk enveloping the world in war.

Aria wants to believe him, but knows there’s something even bigger at stake. As each precious hour passes, she’s forced to ask: Is she playing the trumpet or is the trumpet playing her?

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New release from Ednah Walters – March 17,

Book 6 in Rune Series

Witches_HugeRaine Cooper’s life should be perfect. She’s an Immortal Seeress, most likely to be elected Prom Queen, and envied by the girls at Kayville High for dating the dreamy quarterback, Torin St. James. Instead, she’s haunted by the smug facial expressions the Norns’ wore during their last meeting.

As a Norn-In-Training, Raine crossed the line long ago when she sided with the Valkyries and Mortal Witches. When the Norns return with demands of their own, Raine feels trapped. She must repair the battle grounds and wipe out the memories of every Mortal witness. Torin tries to convince her that the Norns are manipulating her, but she refuses to listen. At least until the Norns’ demands focus on someone she loves. When Raine refuses to cooperate with them, their punishment is swift and gut-wrenching, turning her pain into fury.

Raine plots revenge on a massive scale and makes deals with unsavory allies. Her goal? Total destruction of the entire Norn race. Raine’s only hope of salvation is Torin, but how much will he sacrifice to save her?

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New release from Brenda Hiatt – February 24, 2015

Conclusion to Starfall Series


M, no longer a nerdy nobody, has finally been acclaimed Sovereign Emileia, ruler of the Martian colony Nuath. But at what cost? Without her soulmate Rigel, life seems pointless but she’s expected to shake off her heartbreak and assume her responsibilities. Reluctantly, M does what she must until an unexpected discovery restores a glimmer of hope for the future. Now she is determined to do whatever she can to salvage her longed-for happy ending—if it’s not already too late.


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New Release from Allie Burton – December 4, 2014

Lost Daughters of Atlantis, Book 2

Atlantis Glacial Tides finalShocked by her family’s plans to wed her to a stranger, sixteen-year-old Princess Adria must decide whether to flee the underwater Kingdom of Merta or fight to keep her rightful place. When Kai, the criminal she’d rescued informs her of a plot to kidnap her future sister-in-law, Adria decides to take action to prove her loyalty. Sparks flew between her and Kai when they met during a hurricane misadventure, but she can’t trust her judgment about him. Especially when Kai won’t help stop the kidnapping because he’s on his own secret mission. A mission that he refuses to divulge. In a case of mistaken identity, Adria is kidnapped and whisked away to a mysterious glacial underwater world of ice and evil where she learns that everything isn’t rainbow fish and roses, that there are Atlanteans who suffer and slave, and that being cold isn’t a state of body, but a state of mind. With Kai as her prison guard, the two teens grow closer, and Adria must choose between loyalty to her kingdom or to her dreams.

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UtopYASeven Sparks authors Brenda, Ednah and Allie held a booth featuring the Seven Sparks and their books at the utopYA author and reader conference!


utopya poster

Dubbed “The conference with heart” by Publisher’s Weekly, utopYA continues to combine heart with art for the 2015 conference!

A few of the Seven Sparks will be attending the annual utopYA Conference. Get your tickets now!

Confirmed to attend:
Brenda Hiatt
Allie Burton
Eva Pohler


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